Potato Farm
G0-1, is this heaven?

After BRK won the lottery he bought a potato farm where he and GodzillaZero-One were to be the owners and they would sell and eat the potatoes grown there. But not everyone was happy with the potato farm. SuperNerd295, a Ruler of Wiki and a potato, was never happy with the farm and he tried to shut it down, but G0-1 and BRK convinced Nerd the farm was good and Nerd could spend time with the other potatoes.

Stats Edit

  • 100.000.000 Cajilion of Hectares.
  • Costs 2 million of Dollars (with potatoes).
  • Costs 1 million of Dollars (without potatoes).
  • It has a trillion of potatoes.
  • It makes 2 million Dollars each month.
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