Barry is a 2017 major motion picture produced by Dreamworks Pictures. It is a reboot of the film Bee Movie, and the first entry in the Bee Shrek Test in the House Cinematic Universe.


Barry is a bee living in a hive. Following the death of his estranged father, he comes into inheritance of the hive's lucrative honey manufacturing plant, making him a billionaire over night. While squandering most of his new fortune on bitches and alcohol, Barry learns that his uncle Larry is embezzling funds from the company. Larry hires the international human terrorist organization known as The Brotherhood of Hair to kidnap and kill Barry. Barry is taken to the Cincinnati Zoo and held in a cage with the Brotherhood's other captive, Harambe. Rather than kill Barry outright, the Brotherhood's leader Gaston orders Barry to work with Harambe to build a machine that can weaponize honey. With Harambe's help, Barry builds such a device, but decides to use it to escape. The Brotherhood learns of Barry's plan and sends a little boy into the enclosure to kill Barry and take the device, however Harambe sacrifices himself to allow Barry to escape, and is shot and killed.

Barry returns to the hive, and learns that his uncle has completely taken over the hive. To make matters worse, his uncle has recovered the prototype of Barry's honey-powered missile launcher and is using it to subjugate the hive. Barry is contacted by Big Hoss, who claims to represent the security agency known as P.A.W.N.S.T.A.R.S. and offers to help Barry take back the hive. Using the various items that Big Hoss' organization acquired over the years, Barry constructs a honey-powered armored suit, then returns to the hive to confront Larry. After a lengthy battle, Barry defeats Larry and liberates the hive, once again assuming control of the honey production company.

Later, Barry is contacted by Rick Harrison, the head of P.A.W.N.S.T.A.R.S., who informs him about the Bee Shrek Test in the House Initiative.

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