Blueboy is a living blueberry that is always feeling down and depressed. You could say he's feeling kind of blue. Blueboy was separated from the rest of his blueberry brethren as a baby and because of this, he ended up getting mixed in with the wrong crowd. He began taking drugs, getting involved with gang wars and even ended up filming one or two pornographic movies.


Wikia HeroesEdit

The Wikia Heroes discovered Blueboy when he was caught buying drugs in an alleyway. They took him in under their care and attempted to rehabilitate him. However, he briefly escaped and held an entire bank hostage despite his incredibly small size. The Wikia Heroes managed to negotiate things peacefully with him and he allowed his rehabilitation process to continue. Soon becoming a changed man, he happily set off out into the world to start a new, fresh life. He was immediately ran over by a car and killed.

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