BurgdorfRaptor is a Nazi kaiju created by MosuFan2004.

Appearance Edit

BurgdorfRaptor is a yellow velociraptor with Wilhelm Burgdorf's head and 2 Nazi signs on his legs.

History Edit

While BurgdorfRaptor and othe Nazi members were hiding in their bunker during the dinosaur extincion, BurgdorfRaptor was eating cookies.

Abilities Edit

  • Pistol: He has a Walther PPK.
  • Fast-Speaking: BurgdorfRaptor can speak really fast, that annoys HitlerSaurus.
  • Slow-Speaking: BurgdorfRaptor can speak really slow, that annoys HitlerSaurus.

Trivia Edit

  • BurgdorfRaptor is based on Wilhelm Burgdorf from Hitler Rant Parodies.
Nazi Kaiju
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