Cdr's Kaiju Army is, as it's name implies, an army of Kaiju controlled by Cdr. The extent of their numbers are unknown, however there are probably less of them then there are Dao sock puppets. They are an ally of Tokulandia.

Known Members Edit

Canon Edit

  • Godzilla. The second-in-command of the Kaiju Army.
  • Dodongo. Cdr's trusty steed that he rides into battle
  • Firemons. A Choju used as a living flamethrower by Cdr.
  • Greenmons. Manages the army's supply of weed.
  • Anguirus. A tenacious Kaiju that doubles as a Mace weapon.
  • Ron. The army's accountant.
  • Pigmon. The army's mascot
  • Baragon. Leader of the Army's Baragon suit retool division, consisting of Baragon, Sea Baragon, Pagos, Neronga, Gabora, Magular, Geronga, and GMK Baragon.
  • Red King. The army's expert rock thrower.
  • Alien Bat. The scientist
  • Alien Baltan. The stealth agent. Often paired with Neronga.
  • Ebirah. Cdr's dinner.
  • Gamera. Director of the army's Kalju-Human children relations.
  • Bemular. The army's escape artist.
  • Mother of Ultra. The medic.
  • Mothra and Ulraman Cosmos. The peacekeepers.
  • Ultraman Ace. Self-proclaimed "expert of battlefield autopsy".
  • Redman. The assassin.
  • Alien Empera. a general.

Fan Submitted Members Edit

  • Black King. The spy. Acts like Robbie Rotten for unknown reasons. Submitted by Flurr.

Trivia Edit

  • Obviously, this page is based on the jokes I've made about having a Kaiju army in the chat.
  • Some of the roles are loosely based off of Team Fortress 2, the "my zombie apocalypse squad" meme, and various other team dynamics.
  • Despite being an army of Kaiju, some of the members are Ultras.
  • The army is somewhat a parody of Belial's monster army.
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