CdrWikizilla, commonly called just Cder, is a friend of the Rulers of Wiki that never actually appeared in any of the storylines. until Wikizilla: Resurgence recently, being recruited as a Ruler of Wiki in #3. He is also a member of the Council of Creators, but that doesn't matter in the context of this wiki. He is a sarcastic son of a b**** who's usually cracking jokes and makes lots of references. He is also known as Cdrzillafanon

Cdr has the unique ability to transform into Godzilla, Gamera, and Ultraman Jack at will. He enjoys talking with his friends on the Wikizilla Chat, making pages on the Fan Made Kaiju wiki, conversing with his friends, and fighting evil. BRK once named Cdr "Lord of The Parodies", a title he finds quite fitting given the content he produces on the Fan Made Kaiju wiki. He later unlocked the abiliy to transform into a hybrid of his 3 forms, which he most often uses now alongside his human form.

History Edit

Cdr gained his amazing abilities after going through an experiment that had his genes spliced with that of Godzilla and Gamera. He also later became the human host of Ultraman Jack. Using these powers, Cdr defended his home universe until gaining interdimensional travel via technology he had stolen from the evil organization known as Square Enix. While on his travels, he met MosuFan2004, SuperNerd295, Deathrock9 (Under the alias of Scoobydooman9001), Koopa, BigRandomKaiju and Indominus Rex 2016. They became good friends, and via Wikizilla, Cdr met the other Rulers of Wiki, and befriended them as well. They also showed him the evils of Wikia.

Cdr currently lives happily with his waifu and his pet/car Dinosaur Tank waiting for all the Rulers of Wiki issues to be done so he can be in the sequel. He also fights in the Godzilla Fandom Civil War.

One time, Cdr managed to transform into a hybrid of his previous three forms and now uses this form as a Ruler of Wiki.

Cdr, along with ABB, finally became a Ruler of Wiki and was berry happy about that. He was recruited by Mosu and Deathrock after they found in a cave that he had been thrown into by Wikia.

Powers Edit

  • Standard wiki user powers
  • Kaiju/universe creation
  • Cdr is capable of creating his own wiki and has done so in the past. His wiki is even an affiliate of this wiki!
  • Transformation into Godzilla, Gamera, and Ultraman Jack
  • All of Goji, Gamera, and Jack's powers

Trivia Edit

  • There was once an incident where Cdr and The Boy were sent to another dimension where Godzilla and other Kaiju were real, they met an alternate female version of Deathrock9 called Liferock6, who told them a bunch of weird stuff.

Gallery Edit

Cdr's forms. From left to right: Human, Godzilla, Jack.
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