I am reborn.

Not much is known about CompanionNardole due to his death that occurred shortly after everyone met him.

History Edit

CompanionNardole was a cloned human created by Deathrock9. He was created with the purpose of resurrecting Deathrock9 and giving up his body as a new home for Deathrock9 in case he ever died. He activated and appeared some time after Deathrock9 died. He made his way to the graveyard and dug up Deathrock9's body. Using a resurrection gauntlet Deathrock9 had created using Wiki Ruler technology, he began to resurrect Deathrock9. As Death could not return to his own body, CompanionNardole fulfilled his purpose and gave up ownership of his body so that Deathrock9 could inhabit it. However, it instead sucked away all of his life energy and transferred it into Deathrock9, resurrecting him. Deathrock9 took his clothes and buried him in his place, returning home to Rita. He wears Nardole's clothes in memory of him.

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