Deathrock10 is Deathrock9's Australian counterpart. Unlike Deathrock9, Deathrock10 is completely robotic and does not have a human mind inside of him. However, he still has a personality and feels emotions.

History Edit

Deathrock10 was a robot that had been created by Deathrock9 set to activate whenever he went missing so that Deathrock10 could perform his duties. For whatever reason, Deathrock10 had an Australian accent. Deathrock9 tried to fix this, but it seem to be impossible to fix. Sometime after the death of Rita and Zippy's funeral, Deathrock9 went missing, causing Deathrock10 to activate. He befriended the Rulers of Wiki and joined them on several adventures. Deathrock9 soon returned with his new wife and their son, Felix. Deathrock10's services were no longer needed, so he left Earth and went into space to have his own adventures elsewhere.

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