Deathrock9 used to be one of the Rulers of Wiki, but was unfortunately killed. He was later resurrected and reborn as CompanionNardole. His favourite activities were constantly watching Godzilla: Final Wars out of devotion to the Xilien Leader called X and making fun of websites inferior to the ones he used.

History Edit

Deathrock9 was one of the original Rulers of Wiki. He helped out in many situations and was good friends with the other Rulers. He was married to Rita and together they had a son called BigRandomKaiju. The Great Wikia Wars then began and they had to send their child away to Portugal. However, tragedy struck when GodzillaIsland7.2 was temporarily brainwashed and turned into Flatman. He was fatally wounded by the global ban beam and unfortunately died. Flatman was then released from his brainwashing with no memories of what had happened. The Rulers of Wiki held a funeral in Deathrock9's honour. However, it turned out that Deathrock9 had prepared for this and had created a clone human named CompanionNardole, a being who's only purpose was to resurrect Deathrock9 using a resurrection gauntlet made using Wiki Ruler technology and then give up his body so that Death could inhabit this. He fulfilled his purpose but the process went wrong. Instead, his life energy was sucked out of him and transferred into Deathrock9's corpse, resurrecting him. Deathrock9 took his clothes and buried him in his place. Deathrock9 still wears CompanionNardole's jumper and beanie hat in memory of him. Deathrock9 returned to Rita and they rekindled their relationship. Deathrock9 and Rita soon moved to a planet he won in a raffle. He built a city and populated it with robots resembling celebrities and fictional characters. They soon turned on him and took him to the robot factories, where they announced they would give him a new robot body. He was allowed to choose a body and decided on the character K9. This body was soon built for him and he was permanently transferred into it. He and Rita moved into a house on Earth where they maintain a happy relationship, even though Deathrock9 is now a robot dog. He later had a second child with Rita named Zippy, who was created by cloning DNA used for fertilizing Rita with.

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