The rapping dog is Deathrock9's father. He abandoned his child as a baby and didn't return until after Deathrock9 became an adult with his own family.


Not much is known about the rapping dog during the period before he finally returned to find his son. However, one source indicates that he was once on the Titanic where he made his own music video. He told Deathrock9 that he had to abandon him at a young age so that he could pursue a career as a rapper. He gave that up after his career went nowhere and moved into Deathrock9's house with him, Joy, Felix and Mulder. However, it turned out he had just returned to his son so that he could find the record that Zippy was unable to publish before his death. Deathrock9 found out and the rapping dog went 'missing' just a day later.


  • The rapping dog being Deathrock9's father is likely the reason why some members of Deathrock9's family are animals.
Titanic- The Animated Movie - It's PARTY TIME

Titanic- The Animated Movie - It's PARTY TIME

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