Deathrock9's House

Deathrock9's house is the new home that Deathrock9 and Rita moved into after their previous home was overruled by the Celebrity Bots. It is located in the middle of the desert where they can't be tracked down. Life is very different there as Deathrock9 is now permanently stuck in a robot body and can't perform most of the activities he previously could as a human. Nonetheless, Rita was still loyal to him and they managed to maintain a relationship. After she was revealed to be a spy, she was forced to leave the house. Deathrock9 killed her and soon went missing, leaving Deathrock10 as a temporary replacement to help Mulder (who moved in after Zippy's death) look after the house. Deathrock9 soon returned and brought Joy (his new wife) and Felix (their son) with him. They moved in and everything went back to as it should. Some time later, Deathrock9's father returned to his son so that they could reunite. He tracked him down to his house and met his family members he previously hadn't met. The family accepted him with open arms and allowed him to move in with them. However, it turned out he was just after a record that Zippy was unable to publish before dying. Deathrock9 discovered this and was shocked to find that just a day later, his dad had gone 'missing' and the record had been put inside of the family safe.

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  • As Koopa points out in the 310th issue of Wikizilla: Rulers of Wiki, a lot of stuff seems to happen at this one house. So far, 12 issues have featured Deathrock9's house.
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