Deathrock9's Shack

Deathrock9's old home was the home of Deathrock9 and Rita. He won it in a raffle at a school fair and quickly moved everything out of his old house and onto his new one. This home is actually a planet that he named Deathrock9's Shack as he wanted to have the craziest home. He deliberately denied his son BigRandomKaiju access when he asked if he could move in and was forced to return to his old shack. The planet has an entire city built on it (that was home to just Deathrock9 and Rita) that he intended to populate with robots based upon popular celebrities and random fictional characters. He soon did this, but they quickly turned on him as he wasn't a robot. Rita went into hiding and Deathrock9 was taken to the robot factory. He was told he would be given a robot body but was given the choice of appearance. The body was soon built for him and he was permanently transferred into it. It is unknown what happened to his human body. He and Rita escaped the planet and they moved into a new home out in the desert.

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