Rita is a cute Japanese lady from Spectreman and is Deathrock9's waifu (even though she is live action and technically isn't a waifu). Together, she and Deathrock had a son called BigRandomKaiju. They later had a second son cloned from their DNA named Zippy. She was killed by Deathrock in the 250th issue of Wikizilla: Rulers of Wiki.


Rita met Deathrock after a mysterious vigilante rescued her from a group of thugs. She woke up and saw Death, who took credit for what the vigilante did. They soon fell in love and soon had a child they named BigRandomKaiju. She stuck with Death through many tough situations and even remained loyal to him after he became a robot dog. They later had a second child named Zippy and they moved to a house in the middle of nowhere. However, all good things come to an end at some point. Though she genuinely loved Death and was good friends with Alien Quen, Eva Unit-02, Hiromu and Modrah, she had been working as a spy the entire time. Deathrock and Zippy soon found out and chased Rita across the country before finally coming to a standoff at the edge of a cliff in the mountains. She tried to tempt Deathrock to join her, but he shot her with a laser beam through the brain and she fell down the cliff to her death, where her corpse would remain forever.


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