Lord Shiro is a Shinigawa-Kun! His a pretty good friend and has awesome powahs. He lives with Simon, Jet Jaguar, Big Hostage and Lord Tyrant 501 on THE ISLAND OF AWESOMENESS!

Island inhabitted by Lord Shiro, Simon, Jet Jaguar, Lord Tyrant 501 and Big Hostage! We built an eye to see if bombers are coming to destroy us and we have missiles! We write on the missiles "poop on you"! We bought InGen and created dinozaurs. We have Spinosaurus, T.Rexes and Deinonychus! Shiro has a green Spinosaurus which is the biggest Spinosaurus ever called Spinax and Tyrant has a blue T.Rex called Thunderstorm. Deinonychus survey the beaches and forests and we has Stormtroopers surveilling our bases.

We has Mosasaurus, Megalodons and Elasmosaurus. We also has freaking submarines!

We has Quetzalcoatlus and Pteranodons. We also has Tie-fighters, X-wings, 10 Deathstars and a fleet of 10000 Star Destroyers.

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