DilophoFegelein is a dinosaur kaiju created by MosuFan2004.

Appearance Edit

DilophoFegelein is a dark red dilophosaurus with Hermann Fegelein's head.

DilophoFegelein's frill is bright red and has 2 black Nazi signs on both left and right.

History Edit

During the extincion of dinosaurs, Nazi was hiding in their bunker, but DilophoFegelein was hiding for other reasons. He was there just to annoy HitlerSaurus and make him rage.

Abilities Edit

  • Frill: Like the real dilophodsauruses, DilophoFegelein has a frill, and can open it whenever he wants.
  • Immortality: DilophoFegelein can't be killed. If he dies even in the most brutal way, he'll later come back like nothing happened.
Nazi Kaiju
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