Fake Greenman is a robot duplicate of both Redman and Greenman. Constructed by The Syndicate, Fake Greenman is the organisation's torturer, capturing heroes to extract information from them.


The Ultra-Violent Adventures of RedmanEdit

Residing on the 50th floor of The Syndicate's towering HQ, Fake Greenman was in the process of torturing Mirrorman and Spectreman when Redman arrived, having healed from his fight with Neo Planeman while riding an elevator up to the floor Fake Greenman was on.

Redman went to save the two captured heroes, but Fake Greenman attacked him. Redman was little match for Fake Greenman, and was swatted aside. Attempting to stab Redman with his knife, Fake Greenman charged Redman and nearly killed him, wounding one of Redman's eyes and delivering a deep laceration to the hero's chest. Suddenly, Spectreman and Mirrorman joined the fight! Together, the three heroes managed to defeat Fake Greenman, who fell through a window to his death far below.

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