The Gloopdoops were pineapple-shaped aliens from outer space that intended to invade the Earth as revenge for Deathrock9 destroying their sworn enemies the Skroopdoops and taking away their sense of purpose.

History Edit

Wikizilla: Rulers of WikiEdit

The Gloopdoops fought and endless war between their planet and the planet of the Skroopdoops. During a military invasion to acquire the planet Earth, the Skroopdoops were all converted into Deathrock9s and lost their interest in fighting the Gloopdoops. With nothing to do with their lives, the Gloopdoops sought revenge against Deathrock9 and his planet. They then hurled a meteor at Earth, and informed the humans that the meteor was coming, and worked with the Rulers of Wiki to deflect it with a giant trampoline. They then sent their invasion force while the entire planet's backs were turned, but the Rulers were able to genetically rearrange the Gloopdoops into regular pineapples. The Rulers of Wiki then feasted on pineapple and pineapple based foods for years to come. And it was delicious.

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