GodzillaZero-One is one of the several Heroes of Wiki. GodzillaZero-One has no real friends.


G01 came into existence on April 6th, 2015. He started out as a scrub lord on the original Wikizilla who posted cringy blogs and made stupid comments. Everyone hated him until he retreated into a cocoon and went into mass reform. He finally emerged, more handsome and likable than ever! He then went on to become a radical dude, helping people out, branching to other wikis, making friends, and helping with the new Wikizilla. He now is a lowly scumbag who resides in chat, doing pretty much nothing. He is so lowly now, he has a waifu. G01 lives with his true love in a small shack that covers 75% of Earth's surface, and works on a potato farm, where he gains more power every time he devours a potato. Now, GodzillaZero-One has two children, Olifor and Cornelius.

G01 was permanently killed off in the 394th issue of Rulers of Wiki.

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  • G01 has an atomic beam that can be concentrated or widened.
  • G01 has a nuclear pulse.
  • G01 can reproduce with mitosis.
  • G01 can use spiral beams, back beams, and a tail laser.
  • G01 can shoot fog out of his mouth that can be ignited with atomic energy.
  • G01 has the ability to telepathically make people trip.
  • G01's abilities will quadruple in power after he indulges on potatoes.

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