As shown here, G01's shack has many residents.

GodzillaZero-One's shack is small place that covers 75% of Earth's surface and is where G01 and Alien Quen lives, though his cave, where he stays most of the time, lies in the Gulf of Mexico, close to Texas. GodzillaZero-One's Shack is famous for it's exfoliating shower and it's sandy carpets. Zero's shack has many residents, such as turtles, fish, squids, octopi, cuttlefish, snails, kaiju, crocodiles, avid scuba divers (who all to commonly die) and a ton of other creatures. GodzillaZero-One once let BigRandomKaiju borrow his exfoliating shower before because his shack didn't have one. One of the only problems about the shack is that it's made of water, so anyone who lives in it must be able to swim and/or breathe underwater. It is also being polluted by several corrupt industrial companies who dump their byproducts into GodzillaZero-One's house.

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