Alien Quen is GodzillaZero-One's waifu. They met after Alien Quen saved Zero's life. Alien Quen had a child with GodzillaZero-One: Olifor.


Wikizilla: Rulers of Wiki Issue 158Edit

Alien Quen saves GodzillaZero-One from a massive explosion, only so she could bring him to her love dimension, where GodzillaZero-One is quickly seduced by her and they soon get married.

Wikizilla: Rulers of Wiki Issue 161Edit

Alien Quen plays a major role in this issue. Sockpuppetry Girl attempts to impersonate Quen to steal items from her home. Alien and the other get together and fight the impostor, only for her to escape.

Wikizilla: Rulers of Wiki Issue 170Edit

Alien Quen cameos briefly while Deathrock9 introduces his new son, Zippy.

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