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Grasshoppergender symbol

The grasshoppergender symbol

Grasshoppergender toilets sing

A toilet sign showing the male, female and grasshoppergender toilets

The Grasshoppergender, also just called grasshopper, is a gender that changes people's peepees into grasshoppers. Grasshoppergender people, when young, have a grasshopper egg between their legs. Between the age of 13 and 14, the egg becomes a nymph grasshopper, which means it is not fully developed. When an adult, the grasshopper is fully capable of sexual reproduction and can also be used to fly since its wings are developed. When grasshoppergender people die, the grasshopper unconnects from the person's between the legs and continues its life. The official term for a grasshoppergener person is a "ghe", example: "ghe has a big grasshopper."

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