Never gonna happen

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH, the best joke of the century!! XD

The greater albania shit is an albanian project that want to steal:

  • FYR of Macedonia: half of it
  • Serbia: Preševo, Bujanovac, Medveđa and Kosovo
  • Greece: Northwestern and Chameria
  • Montenegro: South-Eastern Montenegro

You see how someone can so stupid to even think of stealing land from countries around its country from countries that are more powerful than Albania and thus even hate Albania ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->

I'm surprised how Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia are not marked as "greated albania" on the map, since Albanians make kids as fast as rats do and then go to other countries around Albania because their country is too small for them

"The greater albania is a project of uniting all albanians into one state" so does that mean Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, USA, UK, Montenegro, Slovenia, Slovakia, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Estonia, Poland, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, FYR of Macedonia, Armenia, Greece, etc... are technically China? because chinish people are in every single country? NO, IT DOESN'T

Third Balkan War Edit

This will 100% be the reason of a third Balkan war, resulting in Serbia, Greece, FYRO Macedonia, Montenegro and Bulgaria fucking up Albania and taking most of its land, and after the war Albania should forget about Kosovo forever

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