Hayabusa is a now-deceased heroine in The Ultra-Violent Adventures of Redman. Formerly Redman's wife (although this is not true in her official canon), she was created by Tsuburaya Productions as a mascot for the Hayabusa Vacuum company for their commercials.


The Ultra-Violent Adventures of RedmanEdit

At some point before Redman got frozen in ice, and long before he was thawed out by The Boy Who Cried Godzilla and Koopa in Wikizilla: Rulers of Wiki, Redman and Hayabusa were happily married. For years, their lives were peaceful, and from comments given by BigRandomKaiju in Issue #1 of Redman it can be assumed that there were no problems with the long and loving relationship.

While Redman was frozen in ice for reasons as of yet undiscovered, Hayabusa was taken captive by The Syndicate, as part of their plan to kill all heroes and leave the Earth with no protection. While trapped in the evil organisation's HQ, Hayabusa died of dehydration on the 88th floor shortly after being imprisoned. Her body remained there for several years and became nothing more than a skeleton.

After Redman was thawed out, he immediately went to search for her. Knowing this would lead Redman right into their trap, The Syndicate lied to Redman and claimed that Hayabusa was still alive. Redman made it to the HQ and fought his way up the building, only to find her skeletal remains on floor 88.

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