Jeremy is a traumatized man who wants nothing more than to die. He used to be a normal person like everyone else before he was cursed by an evil gypsie.

History Edit

Jeremy was a normal guy, just like everyone else. He had a wife and children and was happy working as a mechanic. However, on a visit to the house of a gypsie, he was cursed after failing to fix her broken car. He didn't understand what she had done until just a few hours later, incredibly annoying music (listed in the infobox) began to play in his head on a loop and to this day still continues to play in his head. He was driven insane and attempted to attack his wife, who quickly kicked him out of the house and got a restraining order against him. The rest of his family and friends disowned him for these actions and he soon became homeless, moving out onto the streets, still haunted by the music. One or two days later, he attempted to commit suicide, but this attempt failed. He was taken in by the police and was brought to an institute for insane people, where he continues to be tortured by the music.

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