Josephiroth is the child of SuperNerd295 and SuperNerd's Waifu. He was named after the Final Fantasy character Sephiroth due to his uncanny resemblance to him.

History Edit

Josephiroth is the biological child of SuperNerd and his wafiu, born on March 28th 1977. He was born with great powers. The hospital he was born in burnt down when he came out. He loves to battle and fight. while growing up, people made fun of him, saying that he looked to similar to Sephiroth from Final Fantasy 7. Those people went missing and to this day have not been found. Soon he became a grown man and now he has gained immense power. He won 200 nose poking competitions, 665 arm wrestling matches, and destroyed (and possibly killed all the members of) 234 gangs. He can also destroy solar systems.

Family Relationships Edit

He is very close to both his mother and father, who treated and raised him well.

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