I suppose I'm a dog now.

K9 is the robotic body created for Deathrock9 after he was assimilated by the robots he had created to live in the city on his planet.


K9 was the third body that Deathrock9 took. After being resurrected as CompanionNardole and morphing his appearance to resemble his original body, Deathrock9 and Rita moved away to a planet that he won in the raffle. There, Deathrock9 created a city that he intended to populate with robots made to resemble famous celebrities and characters. He finally achieved this, but they turned on him as he wasn't a robot like they were. They captured him and took him to the robot factories where they informed him that he would be upgraded into a mechanical being. Though he did not want to become a robot, Deathrock9 chose the character K9 as his robotic body. The body was soon made and he was permanently transferred into it forever. He and Rita escaped the planet and moved into a new house. Despite the fact that Deathrock9 is a robot, Rita still remains loyal to him and they manage to maintain a relationship.

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