Kaijuism is a polytheistic religion created by retarded Kaiju fans like me.

The Religion Edit

Kaijusim preaches the ways of peace for the most part, however you must be willing to fight for your gods, and worship them every day.

Founding Edit

Kaijuism was founded by the prophet Muhammad Godziillah.

Gods of Kaijuism Edit

  • Skeleturtle: The first and most well known god of Kaijusim, Skeleturtle, also known as "OUR FUCKING LORD AND SAVIOR" is the god of creation, and is responsible for creating all things. Skeleturtle also has a mortal form known as "Mystery Bones of Infant Island" that he uses as a means of communication with our realm
  • Pigmon: Also known as "OUR CUTE LORD AND SAVIOR", Pigmon is the Kaijuism god of cuteness. He is also the only Kaijuism God to be an Ultra Kaiju. Pigmon is the kindest of our Kaiju gods, and is willing to let all bask in his cuteness.
  • Orga: Also known as "Our Orgalord", Orga is the Kaijuism god of DNA, as well as love and life incarnate, although he shares the latter title with Skeleturtle. Our Orgalord is known to grace random people with his presence, and often has sex with them in these encounters.
  • Maneater: The Kaijuism God of plants, Man-eater is the least well-known of the Kaijuism Gods, however he secretly protects our mortal realm from evil alongside his lover Raptor.

Prophets of Kaijuism Edit

  • Muhammad Godzillazillah, The founder of Kaijism
  • Cdr the random retard.
  • BRK the potato master
  • Mosufan the stopid
  • Tkotm the idiot slayer
  • Koopa the meme lover
  • Death the awsum
  • Titan the corrector
  • MKG the coolest dude in the universe
  • Nerd the insane
  • G-fan the all caps overlord
  • Spino the Spoon

Scripture of Kaijuism Edit

"If you wish to believe, then open your 167th eye. May the grace and harmony of Skeleturtle run through your mind, the cuteness of Pigmon bless your eye, the life off Orga in your blood, and the protection of Maneater shelter you."

"Praise our Orgalord"

"Skeleturtle is Love, Skeleturtle is Life"

"Orga is Love, Orga is Life"

Trivia Edit

  • Kaijuism is the first religion to be created on Cdrzillafanon wiki, where this page originated..
  • if you are a user on this wiki, you are a believer of Kaijuism. Deal with it.
  • This is a group creation by the users of this wiki.
  • Spino supposedly came up with the idea for this religion.
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