Koopa is one of the numerous Rulers of Wiki. He is a very nervous and reserved person among those who he has not acquainted himself with, but a loyal friend to those he befriends, but still very nervous.


Wikizilla: Rulers of WikiEdit

In issue 3, he was captured and put into a copy of Super Mario Bros 3, but was rescued.

Infamously, he was nearly driven to suicide by Flatman, but managed to come to his senses with the help of his friends. He then took up the role of a Lawyer alongside The Boy Who Cried Godzilla, intent on rescuing those unfairly treated by Wikia.

He is also an amazing basketball player.

Wikia HeroesEdit

Koopa was a founding member of the Wikia Heroes, an alliance for justice in 1958. IN his many adventures, he encountered an alien, a faucet, and several pieces of fruit. For a time he became trapped in an odd yellow dimension, but he was able to escape it with the help of Strappleberry.


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