Kuruma Nikuras is Deathrock9's long lost brother who had gone missing ever since he was kidnapped after they were separated at birth. Nobody knows why, but he was born as a plastic action figure resembling a character from the P-Productions series, Spectreman.

He was reunited with his brother after MosuFan2004 showed him the Spectreman series. Deathrock9 instantly recognized his long lost brother and made it his mission to retrieve him. This mission was very quickly accomplished as Deathrock9 found him on Ebay just a couple of hours later.

Deathrock9 bought him and Kuruma Nikuras made his way across the world, visiting such places as Honolulu and Fort Worth in Texas. Kuruma Nikuras met a load of new friends and enemies on his way to the UK. Some examples of these new friends were the NECA ShinGoji, the Trendmasters Zilla and the S.H. MonsterArts HeiseiMosuImago toy who he would frequently play cards with.

Due to the fact he had been isolated for so long, Kuruma Nikuras developed a somewhat brutish gangster-like attitude as he made his way to the UK, even killing Trendmasters Zilla after he cheated at a game of Solitaire, telling him "don't fuck with me". However, this attitude changed when he was finally reunited with his brother.

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