Leprechaun Man was one of the first ever villains to appear in the comic strip, The Somewhat Pointless Adventures of Zippy.

The Somewhat Pointless Adventures of Zippy Edit

Leprechaun Man made his first appearance in the fourth issue, where he planned to destroy the world using his nuclear pot of gold. Zippy tracked him down using his rainbow sense, which had picked up on the rainbows coming out of the pot. Zippy and Mulder confronted Leprechaun Man and managed to defeat him by overheating his nuclear pot, causing it to permanently deactivate. In the twenty-fourth issue, Zippy and Mulder were employed by Max Doosh to find Leprechaun Man, who had similarly fled to Mexico. They later found him and began their mission to take him back to Max. In the twenty-sixth issue, they came across Weeaboo Lady who attempted to block their way. Leprechaun Man engaged in battle with her and exploded her into atoms with his rainbow bubble beer, a modified version of his usual jug of beer that he had created using spare parts from the now defunct nuclear pot. He was handed over to Max in the following issue and then later appeared in the twenty-ninth issue after he escaped his cell during the prison riot caused by Zippy and Mulder. He was one of the individuals involved with the standoff and as a result, was shot by Max. Despite suffering serious injuries, he lasted longer than the others. However, even he couldn't survive the attack and he later died.

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