• <probably Magara's another sockpuppet. He doesn't understand humor and calls everyone who uses this wiki retarted, he also tried to vandalise MosuFan wiki's pages by removing "content" from them, he also called Spinocroc "autistic". He got blocked by MosuFan, his block expires on 3.3.3000., he can only leave messages on message walls. His main reason why he is blocked is because he vandalised Skeleturtle's page.

ShinGojiB Edit

  • <aka Magara's sockpuppet. Magara created this account to vandalise wikis such as FMK wiki and MosuFan wiki. He first got blocked from FMK wiki and MosuFan wiki, then he later got blocked by Wikia globally.

FlurrTheGamerMixel Edit

  • <he was stealing art on FMK wiki, then he began being REALLY childish on MosuFan wiki, then he got blocked.
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