Logan Leslie was the heir to the fortune and premises of Leslie Productions LTD., where the Wikia Heroes had their headquarters.


Wikia HeroesEdit

Born into the Noble Leslie family, Logan grew up in the film studios owned by his father. At some point he helped to form the Wikia Heroes with Titanollante, Koopa, and The King of the Monsters, and used his film studio as their headquarters. Logan Leslie was the only Wikia Hero who was not adapted as a founding member of the Rulers of Wiki in the series reboot in 1993. The reasons for this are unknown.

The Boy Who Cried Godzilla AdventuresEdit

After gaining the ability to exist outside of time and space, Logan settled in Another Universe where he started a family. Somehow, his brother Oliver was there too and was used as a babysitter for Logan's son on only one occasion that proved to be an enormous mistake.


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