Lord Tyrant is a human male Lord of the Sith who is totally loyal to his friends. He has such a burning hatred for his enemies that unlike most Sith, his eyes are not yellow, but red. Tyrant is a master of all seven lightsaber forms and has an incredible connection to the Force despite having his right arm and leg cut off (which have been replaced by cybernetics).

GorillaGodzilla of the Universal Scified Empire took him under his wing, training him as a Sith apprentice to one day overthrow his master, Lord Vader. When his training was complete, GG dubbed him Darth Tyrant.

The two successfully overthrew Vader, quickly conquering the forums. Tyrant hunted down and eliminated enemies of the Empire, such as Roland Emmerich.

Sometime later, GG would discover the Force-sensitive human male Shiro, training him. Shiro also had an unforeseen ability; the power to transform into a Shin-Godzilla. He was trained as essentially another apprentice, forming a strong friendship with Tyrant.

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