Max Doosh was the main antagonist in The Somewhat Pointless Adventures of Zippy, having been behind almost everything that happened. He made sure nobody referred to him as Max because it reminded him of his embarrassing name.

The Somewhat Pointless Adventures of Zippy

Max made his first appearance in the 18th issue of the series inside of an abandoned building after Mulder and Zippy headed there to investigate reports of a strange creature there. It is unknown if there actually was a creature there or if the sounds were fabricated to lure Mulder and Zippy there. He later managed to track them down to their home in Mexico in the 24th issue, where he met them and employed them to find Leprechaun Man. He later reappeared in the 27th issue where he met Mulder so that he could take Leprechaun Man into custody. He then revealed his true villainous side and ordered his soldiers to arrest Mulder and Zippy, even giving them permission to execute them. He soon interrogated Mulder himself and revealed that he had been working behind the scenes with the Spooky Aliens and their leader the entire time. However, he betrayed them in the 29th issue after Mulder and Zippy started a prison riot. Mulder, Zippy, Leprechaun Man, the Spooky Aliens, the Spooky Alien Leader and Max eventually ended up engaged in a standoff. This ended up becoming a massacre after Max gunned down everyone else involved, killing them all except Mulder. Things came to an end in the 30th issue when Mulder finally tracked Max down to a secret hideout in the mountains near the ocean. The two engaged in a bloody battle. Mulder finally wons and pushed Max off the edge of a cliff face, causing him to fall to his death. If that wasn't enough, Max landed on a stalagmite, impaling him and finishing him off for good.

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