Mirrorman is a hero from the Second Dimension and the main protagonist of his debut show by Tsuburaya Productions. Mirrorman makes an appearance in The Ultra-Violent Adventures of Redman.

History Edit

The Ultra-Violent Adventures of Redman Edit

Mirrorman appeared in the series at some point and helped Redman to gain his originaly form back via his dimensional abilities. Anything else he did in the series will be added later.

Powers and stuff Edit

  • Silver Cross: Mirrorman's finisher, he gathers energy then places his hands at the stars on his forehead and waist, bringing them together to shoot two large arrow shaped bursts of energy, can destroy a monster in one shot
  • Mirror Kick: jumping into the air Mirrorman can charge his legs with energy to deliver a powerful kick
  • Mirror Knife: Mirrorman can fire an arrow shaped burst of energy to cut his opponent to pieces
  • Mirror Shot: Mirrorman can fire small energy beams from his fingers all at once, it is a version of the Mirror Knife used while in mid-air.
  • Mirror Slicer: V shaped bursts of energy used to cut apart the enemy
  • Defense Mirror: Mirrorman can conjure a mirror like barrier that reflect the enemy's energy attacks back at them.
  • Mirror Eyebeam: Destructive rays emitted from the eyes
  • Mirror Fire: Used in Episode 40, rays emmitted from cross hands.
  • Mirror Gluck Le: A vortex of energy that seals away the opponent.
  • Straight Flush: A series of high speed punches.
  • Cross Jump: A kick to the opponent while both are high in the air.
  • Halation Mirror: When no mirror or reflective surface is present, Mirrorman can gather light to create an artificial one to transport himself.
  • Mirror Eye: Blue rays emitted from the eyes to discover invisible objects or see across dimensions.
  • Flight: Mirrorman can fly under his own power but not when he is in the mirror world
  • Teleportation/Transformation: To transform Kyoutaro uses his father's pendant, shouts 'Mirror Spark' and faces a reflective surface such as a mirror, a body of water, plastic, crystal, etc., to which he holds up his Mirror Pendant and shouts "Mirror Spark!". He is then transported through the 2nd dimension and reappears elsewhere as Mirrorman, as Mirrorman he can also move through the Mirror World so long as there is a reflective surface.
  • Ability to turn the enemy into light: Used against Kitty Fire, Mirror can hit his enemy and turn them into light.

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  • The powers section is copied directly from Ultraman wiki.
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