MosuFan2004's Bandai Creation Rainbow Mothra is MosuFan's favorite kaiju toy.

Personality Edit

MosuFan's Rainbow Mothra is a kind person. He is full of dank memes and he really likes being on YouTube, watching random MLG compilations. He really likes burgers and other fast food. He likes to fly around and is fast as fuck. He mostly spends most of his time under the bed, being on YouTube on his phone.

History Edit

MosuFan2004 asked his aunt from Austria for Bandai Creations Rainbow Mothra. Around 5 months later, when MosuFan's aunt came to Serbia, MosuFan got his Rainbow Mothra. MosuFan brought Rainbow Mothra to his house and placed him next to MosuFan's other kaiju figures. Rainbow Mothra met MosuFan's figures, then he spent most of his time on his phone while eating a burger.

Abilities Edit

  • Rainbow Mothra fires a multicolored Cross Heat Laser beams from his forehead.
  • Rainbow Mothra is able to break apart into thousands of smaller 30.5 cm Mothras.
  • Rainbow Mothra emits Jade Bolts from his wings.
  • Rainbow Mothra fires a Mineral Chest Cannon from his chest.
  • Rainbow Mothra flies at the speed of mach 15.5.
  • Rainbow Mothra emits a Reflective Rainbow Powder from his wings which can paralyzes and cause pain to his opponent.
  • Rainbow Mothra emits a Pressure Field which is a invisible force field that is able to deflect any enemy energy beams.
  • Rainbow Mothra emits a levitation field.
  • Rainbow Mothra fires a beam pulser.
  • Rainbow Mothra emits a sparkling pileload rainbow.
  • Rainbow Mothra emits two Sparkling Rainbow Buster that can shoots blasts of energy from his wings.

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Rainbow Mothra is a gamer, and his favorite game is Counter Strike 1.6 WaRzOnE.
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