MosuFan2004's Revoltech Gamera 1996 is MosuFan's flying turtle.

Personality Edit

MosuFan's Revoltech Gamera likes to eat and drink alot. MosuFan's Gamera spends most of his time with Godzilla, drinking and eating. MosuFan's Gamera, like most of MosuFan's kaiju toys, is full of dank memes, and really likes watching random MLG and YTP crap with Godzilla.

History Edit

MosuFan2004 asked his aunt from Austria for Revoltech Gamera 1996. Around 3 months later, when MosuFan's aunt came to Serbia, MosuFan got his Gamera.

Abilities Edit

  • Gamera can regenerate.
  • Gamera's shell is DURABLE AS FUK.
  • Gamera is also DURABLE AS FUK.
  • Gamera can shoot plasma fireballs from his mouth.
  • Gamera can shoot an overpowered and overrated plasma blast from his belly, that overrated attack is called "ultimate plasma".
  • Gamera can fly.
  • Gamera can absorb fire.
  • Gamera cane at coal and drink oil.
  • Gamera can shoot high plasma from his mouth.
  • Gamera can spin while flying.
  • Gamera can go BOOM and destroy everything, but if he does that he would die, so we all know that he won't use it ANYWHERE in ANY situation.

Weaknesses Edit

  • Lowe temperatures.
  • His shell is DURABLE AS FUK, we all know taht, but if something sharp, like a gigantic knife hits it enough times it will go through the shell.

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Gamera's favorite drink is Fanta Exotic.
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