MosuFan2004's Soldier Legions came with Gamera.

Personality Edit

MosuFan's flying Soldier Legions really like to fly around and are really active, while the land ones are less active and sleep more often. If an enemy comes, the flying soldiers attack by bitting and flying away, while the land ones stick on the enemy and keep bitting it.

History Edit

When MosuFan's Gamera came, the Soldier Legions and Legion Plant came with Gamera, too.

Abilities Edit

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  • They can bite.
  • They can fly.
  • They have a very strong armor all around their bodies.
  • They are fast as fuck.

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  • They can bite.
  • They have sharp legs.
  • They can absorb windows, doors, etc... They use that to get in houses or enemy bases.
  • They can burrow.
  • They have a very strong armor all over their bodies.

Trivia Edit

  • They love dog and cat food.
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