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— Reeves in the comment thread he deleted after he got destroyed by rational people

In fact only people who know Godzilla better than me and anybody else is Toho themselves and you people are not Toho. „ 

Mr. Reeves was a very stupid person that harassed the Rulers of Wiki.


Mr. Reeves made his first appearance in the 395th issue of Wikizilla: Rulers of Wiki. In this issue, he harassed Titanollante after being told that he was wrong about Godzilla having infinite power in Godzilla: Final Wars. Despite being proven wrong multiple times by multiple people, Reeves told them that they were wrong and that he was the smartest Godzilla fan and did not need to give any sources because he knew he was right. This pissed off Titanollante so much that he grabbed Reeves with his tentacles and ripped his body in half, killing him.


Look I know I'm right. You may say i think I'm right, but let me tell you this. I don't think it, I know it. And the best part about knowing I'm right i don't have to justify it anymore to you or that scrub kid.
Ok 1 you don't know me. 2 I was right. WikiZilla is just in denial cuz someone actually proved him wrong and actually knows things of Godzilla better than them. 3 the villain stated a Kaiser is a godlike being with limitless power. Japanese dub of course. And again there is no other explanation other than he was channeling infinite energy in the Gotengo to give it all to Godzilla. Also Infinite energy never depletes. It's endless. Godzilla has literally no limits. He has limitless potential and ...
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