Mulder is one of the two main protagonists in The Somewhat Pointless Adventures of Zippy. He and Zippy work as a team so that they can one day recover his stolen memories.

History Edit

Mulder met Zippy after he left his friends and family so that he could travel the world. Believing Zippy was an alien, he hunted him down and attempted to catch him. However, he soon realised that Zippy was part-human and that the actual aliens were elsewhere. They later followed a UFO sighting and found the Spooky Aliens deep in the woods. The Spooky Alien Leader ordered their abductions and the two heroes were taken up to the alien spaceship. They planned to wipe Mulder's mind and Zippy's mind so that they could steal their memories, but they were only able to use this process on Mulder as Zippy emitted a rainbow pulse that deactivated all of the technology in the room. Zippy and Mulder escaped in an escape pod and returned to the Earth as the aliens fled into space. Zippy and Mulder became best friends and decided to work as a team so that they could recover his stolen memories and uncover the alien conspiracy lurking in the shadows.

Mulder also took drugs once and had a wild trip.

Mulder's Magic Mushroom Trip

Mulder's Magic Mushroom Trip

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