Ozrasaur (オズラサウルス Ozurasaurusu) is a cybernetic mutated organism that weights a nuclear reactor on his back.

Stats Edit

  • Combat Style: Teeth-Armor-Tail
  • Primary Attacks: Headbutt
  • Secondary Attacks: Tail Whip
  • Primary Weapon: Nuclear Overload
  • Secondary Weapon: Nuclear Heat Ray
  • Energy Style: Radiation

Name Edit

Ozrasaur's name is a combination of two words. The Ozra part comes from the serbian word ozračen, meaning irradiated. The -saur part comes from the word dinosaur.

Development Edit

Ozrasaur's head was first planned to look like a head of a Death Worm, the idea was later scrapped due to how difficult it is to draw a head of a Death Worm. The head later got a "brontosaurus-like" design with no eyes. Ozrasaur later got spikes on his knees. The creature still didn't look that much original and special, so MosuFan2004 added the nuclear reactor on Ozrasaur's back and some cables to look like his power is coming from that reactor.

Appearance Edit

Ozrasaurs has a long neck with two cables attached to his neck with metal collars, the cables end a little bit before his head, where is a collar with a red glowing light bulb. Ozrasaur doesn't have eyes. He has four long legs that are in a "/\" shape, and has one yellow spike on each of his knees. Ozrasaur has a huge nuclear reactor on his back that is attached to him, and two smaller nuclear reactors under his two front legs, Ozrasaur also has a tail as long as his neck.

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