I'm Redman. I fight for peace and justice! Don't get in my way, or I'll stab you to death with this knife.

Redman is an alien from Planet Red. Despite being peace-loving, Redman is actually a very violent and dangerous being, although those who become his closest friends are safe for the most part. For this reason alone, Redman is considered mostly neutral, fighting for good yet posing a huge risk to those around him.

Simply put, Redman is fucking terrifying. Sometimes, he even slaughters monsters who have no intent to fight him. Redman is no pacifist. He's a sadistic killer, yet still fights for good, a mindset which is extremely unusual.


Wikia HeroesEdit

Redman appeared as a neutral character in Wikia Heroes, first appearing in issue #10, where he fought Koopa and Titanollante and nearly killed them. Impressed by their fighting style, Redman assured the Wikia Heroes that he would return, but not as a friend or enemy, but "something else", hinting at his neutrality.

Redman later showed up in the following issue, where he challenged Faucetdude over the latter's decision to steal the water.

Wikizilla: Rulers of WikiEdit

Redman appeared in issue 201 of the series reboot as an alien trapped in ice for hundreds of years. While he looked similar, he had grown far more muscular and now resembled a viking with red skin. He was thawed out by Koopa and The Boy Who Cried Godzilla.

The Ultra-Violent Adventures of RedmanEdit

Due to his popularity in the above two comics, Redman was given a comic all of his own. In this series, set at the same time as Wikizilla: Rulers of Wiki, it is revealed that Redman has a wife, named Hayabusa. After being thawed out by Koopa and The Boy Who Cried Godzilla, he returned home only to learn from BigRandomKaiju that his wife was missing. Intent on rescuing his wife, he went on to undertake a huge adventure, full of violence and numerous battles.

In Issue 15, Redman managed to get his original form back with the aid of Mirrorman's dimensional abilities. Despite his altered form's seemingly greater strength, Redman's original form had better agility and overall power, making it better suited towards his journey.


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