WAIT, You prefer Sebastian over me?!

Robby is BRK and his Waifu's son, that lives with them in his father's house.He lives in gangsta style of life with his gang Sriracha Boyz, but he only does this to make his father proud of him and give him more attention.

He has a brother called Simon that is the person who loves him the most in his family.

Criminal charges Edit

Robby has 446 criminal charges:

  • 369 bank robberies;
  • 19 charges of drug dealing;
  • 23 murders;
  • 31 robberies to the Fin Carré's trucks;
  • 4 robberies to super markets.

Weapons Edit

Robby has:

  • An automatic Mini-gun;
  • 20 Rocket Launchers;
  • 31 AK-47S;
  • A tank that he uses to blow things up.

Gallery Edit

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