Appearance Edit

the Sackboy virus looks a lot like a normal sackboy but often reveals is red eyes or crossed out eyes

History Edit

the sackboy virus was normal sackboy who was trapped in the create mode. He could not leave nor die, or even turn off the console. the unnamed person who played the game got upset he started to make a little place named "the special dark place" then soon died after everyone heard of this then the sackboy virus was popular and everyone made myths. Around October, 3rd 2015 his brother toke over his account and managed to upload his level and one popular video popped up showing what happens when encountering the virus but a few hours later the level than the video was taken down never to be seen but the photo was never taken down raising questions among the youth.....Then the video was re-uploaded in 2017....somehow......

The "Powers" it holds Edit

when looked at your game freezes

can make you go insane

can make players commit suicide

can destroy the console

20170227 165531

the photo showing the player looking at the "virus"

Trivia Edit

  • This page is a deleted page from FMK wiki, and because it looked hilarious, I gave it a new home, this fuken wiki!
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