The Skroopdoops were banana-shaped aliens from outer space that intended to invade the Earth.

Wikizilla: Rulers of Wiki Edit

The Skroopdoops planned to invade the Earth when they saw that the Rulers of Wiki had gone on holiday. However, they did not anticipate that Deathrock9 would stay behind to work on his project. They attempted to invade Earth and almost succeeded until Deathrock9 had come up with a plan. Having watched the two-part Doctor Who story, The End of Time, Deathrock9 used the main villains of that story, the Master Race, as inspiration for his plan. Using Wiki Ruler technology, Deathrock9 created his own home-made immortality gate from Doctor Who and transformed every Skroopdoop in the solar system into copies of himself. He then rounded them all up and sent them all to the planet Venus where they now peacefully live in Deathrock City. The other Rulers of Wiki soon returned and unaware of the Skroopdoop invasion, merely assumed Deathrock9 had been lazy, laid back and relaxed while they were all on holiday.

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