Spectreman is an alien hero who watches over planets to protect them, both from invaders and from pollution. Alongside Mirrorman, Spectreman appears as a supporting character in The Ultra-Violent Adventures of Redman.


The Ultra-Violent Adventures of RedmanEdit

Spectreman was being held captive on the 50th floor of The Syndicate's HQ, alongside Mirrorman. He was frequently tortured into providing information to Fake Greenman, one of The Syndicate's main operatives.

Once Redman made it to the 50th floor, the violent hero planned to rescue Spectreman and Mirrorman from Fake Greenman, but Fake Greenman attacked Redman, nearly killing him. Spectreman and Mirrorman decided to assist Redman, and the three heroes triumphed over Fake Greenman. After this, Redman helped his two allies reach the elevator down to the HQ's exit, before continuing on his way.

Spectreman made a reappearance in issue 12, where he met the despondent Redman after he had fled from the HQ. After learning the truth about Hayabusa from Redman, Spectreman urged Redman to continue his quest to eradicate The Syndicate, but this time to avenge Hayabusa's death.

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