The Spooky Alien Leader was a green alien that commented the Spooky Aliens. He enjoyed wiping the minds of poor humans and stealing their memories. This is because they turned him on and got him fully erect.

The Somewhat Pointless Adventures of Zippy Edit

The Spooky Alien Leader was first seen when he descended down into the dark forest to confront Mulder and Zippy. He commanded the Spooky Aliens to abduct them and take them on board their spaceship. He wasn't seen much after this, though he was present in the control room when the aliens fled into space, ditching Mulder and Zippy on Earth. He later appeared in the fifth issue when he checked on the creation of the Abomination. He later appeared in the 19th issue where he once again captured Zippy and Mulder as prisoners so that they could not interfere with his new plan. He initiated his plan to wipe out two thirds of humanity but Zippy and Mulder were able to defeat him just in time. Enraged at this, the Spooky Alien Leader killed Obama and framed Zippy and Mulder, forcing them to retreat to Mexico in hiding. He made another appearance in the 28th issue when he and the Spooky Aliens revealed they had been working with Max Doosh the entire time. The Spooky Alien Leader and his body guards were killed during the standoff in the 29th issue.

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