SuperNerd's house is his new home of which he spends his spare time in, and now houses a few extra ants and some dust bunnies. It is very great and even surpasses FlurrTheGamerMixel's House in many ways. SuperNerd won it from a Pokemon battle with a 2 year old. All weapon systems have been repaired and or replaced and are being played with as you read this text.Stop by on holidays for our fantastic fireworks display! *all explosives begin firing*

On the outside Edit

The house on the outside is nothing special, with just a broken down shack as its base. However, if you touch a piggybank or say "GJRKH$KRFgbrKGBvfkvbjrg5t%%GF" the ground will open up beneath you and reveal the inside, of which we will get too later. The bonuses of the outside are,

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The outside

  • a non-flushable toilet that has feces leaking out of it
  • random dead animals
  • dead humans
  • blood stains
  • piles of ammunition
  • a deactivated nuke stolen from MosuFan's Shack that is also leaking Feces.
  • and a broken computer filled with government information from 1203 BC.

On the Inside Edit

GeoFront (NGE)

The Geofront

The house on the inside tells a whole new story, as it is literally the Geofront from Neon Genesis Evangelion. Albeit some of the blood stains from the NERV massacre in End of Evangelion haven't been cleaned up yet, the place is still very fun and now holds tours. The different parts are,

NERV HQ (Rebuild)


  • NERV HQ: A large, triangular building that houses most of the interesting things here.
  • Command Center: Inside of HQ lies the Command Center, a large room where things are commanded.
    01 Nerv Command Dias

    The Command Center

  • Docking Bay: The Docking Bay is where all EVA's sit in standby before being used to kill shit. All EVA's are intact and usable.
  • That Elevator: That elevator from Episode 19 was it? I dunno but its still there and has the word "Baka" smothered on the wall in blood. Nice stuff.
  • Terminal Dogma: The place where Lilith and the Spear of Loginus are held, still smells like Tang. Also, Lilith is still there, odd.
  • Central Dogma: The place outside of Terminal Dogma. the two are often thought as the same thing.
  • Hey its that hill where Eva Unit One went Berserk on!
  • FlurrTheGamingMixels house: Legend tells us of a house, so great it can destroy every other house on earth. It is a broken cage inside of the Geofront.
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