Oh, hello! so I heard you want to file a lawsuit on SuperNerdz because one of our products exploded when it said not to put in the microwave? Your not gonna do that or your brains will be all over this wall here. It's such a nice wall. It would be a shame if I had to pull the trigger.

SuperNerds wife is a potato that SuperNerd295 met on Stalurch. She is a really great person and doesn't have a blank personality. She helped SuperNerd make SuperNerdz Incorporated and is also a nerd. Just like SuperNerd she does not wish to tell you her name. She is very smart and has 10,000 confirmed kills with a pencil. She wiped out life on Jupiter. She is an expert architect and loves Tacos. She is voting for Garfields small intestine as president. She and SuperNerd are some of the first potatoes.

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