Syndicate Bioweapon Delta is an amalgamation of three 'evil' or fake Ultras; Chaos Ultraman Calamity, Ace Robot and Dark Mephisto Zwei, plus an Alien Baltan. A living superweapon constructed by The Syndicate, Delta first appears in The Ultra-Violent Adventures of Redman, and is the first opponent Redman fights after the mid-series revelation.


The Ultra-Violent Adventures of RedmanEdit

While Redman was distraught over the loss of Hayabusa, the damaged Syndicate unleashed their newest weapon, Delta while the HQ was repaired. After devastating a distant city, Redman confronted the Bioweapon. Recognising Redman as the target to kill, a battle was inevitable. Redman was equally matched by Delta, and the battle lasted for several hours. Redman was kept at bay by Delta's powerful Baltan Cannon, but Redman's sword eventually landed several successful hits, destroying Delta's cybernetics and leaving the Bioweapon completely paralysed. Redman looked on in disgust, and stomped Delta's head until there was nothing left, killing Delta and making sure he could never come back.

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